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The Light Guide

Discover the unique path to connect with your soul purpose ad start manifesting your life consciously

My name is Ana ...

this is my story

I started my career as a lawyer. At a certain point in my life I realized, that I wanted to do something different with my time here on this planet.

I heard a profound call that encouraged me to begin to unwrap my whole being in order to become an authentic version of myself. I just knew that I am here for the reason which at that time was still unclear. My real journey was just beginning.

The important part of living a new way was to realize that, if I want to live fully alive, I had to transform parts of my being, letting old beliefs go and unconditionally open myself to new vibrations. First I had to truly accept all of the shadow parts of myself that still needed healing. To achieve this, I was granted certain tools and methods to evolve.

I reconnected with my Soul and the higher Self and became a really good friend with the Source.

And from then on, it’s never been the same. And the Journey of living and discovering my Soul's purpose is still going on.


I am a visionary, enthusiastic woman, an entrepreneur and an author of the Light Guide, the book and program of conscious creating in accordance with your soul's purpose. I am in love with the Nature. I am a facilitator of heart consciousness with a mission to open peoples' hearts, so that they can connect to the Light of their own higher Selves.

I am dedicated to building a Community of kindred-spirits, to consciously raise the vibration of the humanity.

This is the very important for the future of our planet and the civilization.

You are really important and it is not a coincidence that you are reading these words, right here, right now. I warmly welcome you and I am inviting you to learn more.

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"We are all here on this beautiful planet with a purpose. We just need to remember it. And then we just fall in love with our lives."


the Light Guide

Connect with the Universal intelligence and become the best version of yourself!  


What can The Light Guide offer to you?

  • The Energetic calendar which contains the supportive time intervals for improvements  in the three most important areas of your life:

- health / nature,

- work / creativity / business and

- relationships.

  • Tips for mantaining your stable life energy.

  • The channeled days, when you have special support in accordance with the natural rhythms of the Universe.

  • It helps recognise and exceed the subconscious imprinted blockages and the belief systems that don't support you living your dreams.

  • Training intuition and recognition of synchronicity in your everyday life.

  • Teachings how to live in a constant flow – here and now.

  • It's a diary to use daily for writing down your soul intentions and aspirations.

  • It's a consciuos reminder of your expressed gratitude.

  • It encourages you to set your short- and long-term goals which are in resonance with your higher purpose.

  • It's a personal partner for your conscious strategic activity.

  • It's the encoded information and vibration how to fall in love with Life again.

"I've been creating The Light Guide, a tool with the mission to teach you how to use your intuitive abilities and special knowledge of beneficial energy cycles on our planet, which are here to support you and start to live your life with the purpose and in harmony with One."  

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My work and my mission

Although a lawyer by profession, I am an energy healer, yoga and meditation teacher, but most importantly, an author of the unique program, called The Light Guide, which is a holistic all-year program of conscious creating in accordance with your soul's purpose. It is based on natural rhythms and vibrations from the Universe, which supports us on our Soul evolution. This program includes the book, titled The Light Guide and the online Academy which has grown into a substantial community in Slovenia. One of the main intentions of the program is to start a different kind of learning, based on intuition and connection with our higher selves.

We co-create a community or soul family which works together authentically with a purpose to make all our lives profoundly better.

I’m committed to creating of an environment which I call “a communion of business with love”.  I really enjoy building and supporting teams (start-ups) of creative individuals. I’m consulting on a basis of energy of love and compassion, which means listening and supporting each other and evolving spiritually.

When we connect with the same purpose or intention, the energetic field empowers and the possibility of transforming our individual and collective existence is much greater.

I am absolutely certain, that in the future our society will be made up of many harmonious communities that will be synergistically connected. They will actively co-create our world. I believe that in these communities every individual will be truly able to live in accordance with his/her higher self. Everyone can do that.

“We are all here on this beautiful planet with a purpose. We just need to remember it and fall in love with our lives.”

I believe that the real message of unity, raising the collective consciousness, and making a tangible difference in our society through love and light is something that will certainly resonate with everyone.

That’s why I consider myself to be someone who can greatly contribute to the welfare of you, your company and the World.

And like the Rumi said:

»Don't you know yet? It's your light that lights the world.«

Catch a glimpse of the contents of the Light Guide

»I believe my way is light, I believe in me and that I am taken care for. New Energy / God / Life / Universe / The Consciousness works through me and I am at its disposal.”

August is warm, humid and breaking-through. It comes to our lands, our bodies, cells and our cores. We feel the possibilities and opportunities which are brought to us.

We need to ask ourselves, why we don’t trust the nature more. Why we are looking for the answers outside ourselves, not within ourselves? Why don’t we use the nature itself to lead us back to ourselves?

We are part of the nature and subjected to its laws. Why do we then pay attention to all outside of it and of ourselves?

August warns us and reminds us of the fact that we are the children of nature, the creatures, tightly connected with it. We can’t survive without it. We should grow a loving relationship to it, which should actually reflects the attitude towards ourselves.

The Light Guide: “How would you feel if I claim that the divine connection with the God and with yourself actually resides within you? How would you accept the fact that we are everywhere surrounded by God and Love and constantly addressed by It? What would happen if we consciously began to cooperate with this Energy and its highest purpose? “

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